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Are you curious about your actual personality?

Self-assessment tests like Myers-Briggs are great at determining how you perceive yourself, but can't say much about your true personality... if you think you're nice, but no one else does, maybe you're not that nice after all, right? (Conversely, maybe your perceived faults aren't as bad as they seem, either.)

Internet quizzes that have your friends evaluate you are great for accumulating a list of compliments. But invariably they're not anonymous, so the evaluations are bound to shy away from hard truths about your personality.

This site offers you a chance to learn how you're actually perceived by others -- friends, acquaintances, enemies, whomever. All the results are anonymous, so your evaluators can answer truthfully, without fear of any awkwardness when they see you next. (Which also means that any compliments are genuine.) And the evaluation is fast, requiring them just to select some descriptive terms from a list of a hundred or so. Here's a dummy evaluation and some sample results. Ideally it'll help you learn more about yourself and your true strengths and weaknesses. You might even become a better person. Corny but... possibly true. Of course, it's all totally free.

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Your real name will be displayed on your evaluation, so that its takers are reminded, say, that the username 'SabbathRules47' is really their friend Bob.

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